Caticlan to Iloilo

4 rainy days in Boracay, & when everything seemed to be back to normal, we’d have to pack our bags & leave!

Airline companies really knew how to run a business. The 1-way fare to Caticlan is cheap, but they would ridiculously increase the fare going back to Manila. Because of this, we’ve decided to make our return route be Iloilo to Manila. It’s like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. The total transportation expenses may still be the same, but the good thing is we’d have the chance to see Iloilo City!!

9:00am – We checked out at Villa de Oro, Boracay & left for Caticlan.

10:30am As soon as we arrived at the Caticlan port, we headed directly to the bus terminal, which is right outside the Caticlan jetty port. Ceres bus is the preferred bus company line from Caticlan to Iloilo & vice versa (I am not aware of any other bus companies in Aklan though). You shouldn’t miss a Ceres bus as soon as you get outside the jetty port vicinity. It has a huge signage & it’s the only bus line in an imposing bright yellow! The fare from Caticlan to Iloilo is Php 350 & I was told that the trip would take 6 hours the most.

Ceres bus bound to Iloilo

11:00am The “yellow bus” left Caticlan for Iloilo. Good thing, the bus isn’t packed with passengers. As far as I can remember, we occupied the last 5 rows at the back (or we shared it with 1 other passenger). I guess we were all so tired, so after 30 minutes, we all snoozed & had our individual private moment of nirvana.

The first of 2 or 3 stops. We wished we had those skies in Boracay haha!

5:00pm We arrived at the bus terminal at Jaro, Iloilo. We are in a very tight budget so we figured riding a taxi is not an option haha! And we had NO idea on how we can get to the city proper.

Our goal is to see some, if not at least 1 of Iloilo’s old churches & to get to SM Iloilo & find that shuttle that will take us to Iloilo Airport. Based on the instructions given by the friendly jeepney driver, getting around isn’t so difficult at all.

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